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Shenzhen Minxin Industry Co., Ltd produces AC, EC and DC axial flow cooling fans, dc radial blower fans, centrifugal fans, smart radiator ventilators, and related accessories. Our team is dedicated to providing bespoke and customized solutions to our clients. Our fans are extracting heat and cooling down products in various industries and applications.



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How we begin

A humble beginning

Mr. Guo, the founder of Shenzhen Minxin Industry Co. Ltd, had vast experience and knowledge when he began his company in 2014. He had worked in a top-brand axial cooling fan factory for over one decade before founding his company. During his role as a technical engineer in the factory, Guo noted a common problem that needed a solution. At the time, the market was dominated by a few big-name brands that charged exorbitant prices. The top brands of cooling fans could only serve the big companies. However, there are numerous projects that demand only a small quantity of customized fans in the beginning. So he decided to fill this gap by starting a manufacturing business on his own, with a vision to develop a more cost-effective solution that would perform just as well as the high-priced fans from top-name brands. 

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Although Mr. Guo had limited resources to start off, he had enough adrenalin to see him through the challenging startup process. Driven by his passion and relentless efforts, he spent months researching and developing a solution, turning his small office into a makeshift laboratory. By experimenting with various materials, designs, and components, they finally landed on a fan that offered similar specifications and performance as some of the most expensive brands. This invention marked the birth of Shenzhen Minxin Industrial Co., Ltd.

What started as a small operation quickly gained traction among customers, who were impressed by the fan’s quality and its price point. As demand grew, Shenzhen Minxin Industrial Co., Ltd expanded its product offerings and built a team of passionate and dedicated employees committed to delivering high-quality cooling solutions to businesses of all sizes.

What we do

We hope to be one of the world’s biggest names in the cooling fan industry.

We are proud to offer cost-effective fan alternatives to top brands such as EBM Papst, Sunon, Delta, Nidec, NMB, Sanyo Denki, AC Infinity, and SpeedComfort. Our production process is complete and reliable. It includes the manufacturing of PCBA, fan motors, fan housing, fan impellers, propellers or blades, and so on. We are specialized in producing the following items:

home radiator heat ventilator

Radiator Ventilator

Our smart radiator ventilator helps to boost the heating efficiency of the radiators, saves up to 30% on gas usage, and heats your room in half the time, it comes with thermostat control for automatic on/off functionality. Easy to install—fits most radiators and convectors in seconds, and it is modular and extendable—up to 10 smart ventilators can be connected in series or parallel

small axial flow cooling fan

Axial Fans

DC axial fans use brushless motors which provide direct current, ideal for electronic device cooling, air-vent exhaust, computer ventilation, and more. The voltage can be customized to be DC 5V, 12V, 24V, 48V, etc. The fan speed of DC axial fans can go higher than 30,000rpm. Our AC or EC fans can be customized to work with voltages that are common all over the world. These include 110V, 220V 240V, and so on

centrifugal fan blower

Centrifugal Fan Blower 

Also known as a centrifugal fan blower, it changes the direction of the outward airflow from that of the incoming airflow by 90 degrees. It has a wheel for increasing the pressure of the incoming air. Centrifugal blower fans are the best to apply in high-pressure applications. We've developed the blower fans which are of similar specifications and high performance standards as Sanyo Denki and Nidec models, but at a significantly lower price.

Our AC and DC cooling fans and blowers can be custom-made to suit your specific needs. From fan construction material to fan speed, from the airflow to static pressure, from the voltage to current, from noise to pin connectors, we can alter our fans in every way to match the performance levels you are looking for.

Our high-quality cooling fans are easy to convert to suit any application environment. We can make them dustproof, waterproof, heatproof, freeze-resistant, or anything else you want.  

Other than the cooling fan manufacturer, we are mainly a solution provider to your specific needs, and our company offers related accessories as well for your industry. The products that appear on our catalogs have excellent quality and versatile applications. 

Why choose our fans?

We make premium cooling fans with our team’s determination and well-equipped production facilities.

High Energy Efficiency

Made of full copper high efficiency motor, matching the fan blades and the right structure, the cooling fan produce constant airflow. And in the process, they achieve up to 84% efficiency. 

Reliable Performance

We select durable materials to ensure reliability of our cooling fans. Our cooling fans work up to 60,000 hours continuously in the normal environment, and they are long-lasting even in harsh environments. 

Quiet Fans

We provide the most silent cooling fans in a wide range of models. These are easy to customize to suit any application, protecting your products from overheating at whisper-level noise.  


Our cooling fans can be made to be of any speed, voltage, static pressure you require, which enables them to keep your device working well. Fan sizes range from 15mm to 280mm.

How we take care of your order

Every cooling fan goes through more than 5 inspection procedures

We carry out a thorough raw material inspection with the help of our quality control inspector. Other tests include the PCB test, motor test, mass production sample test, and the final product test after assembling the product.

All our products comply with RoHS standards. We strictly abide by the ISO-9001 quality control system; we also follow the ISO 14001 environmental management system. 

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axial cooling fan airflow test

Our company has obtained CE certification and now we are looking forward to obtaining UL and TUV certifications. We carry out quality checks on incoming materials, and inspect the finished products to ensure they meet the needs of our customers. We make sure that every component of our fans is new and good quality to deliver excellent performance. 

Why we are different

A reputable manufacturer with ample knowledge and expertise in cooling fans

We’re proud to have helped our clients meet their cooling needs and improve their operations all while providing cost-effective, quality cooling solutions. We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers and strive to always deliver exceptional service, fast turnaround times, and lifetime technical support.

No Order is Too Big or Too Small

We understand how difficult it is for a startup or a new project to get the high quality materials ready at the lowest cost possible before they take off, as a product-oriented AC and DC cooling fan manufacturer, we offer premium cooling fans at affordable prices, and in much smaller volumes than most of our competitors out there. Although we aim to meet the customer’s needs when their projects are small, we also join them in their road to prominence.

Expert Engineers

We have senior engineers who have been in the cooling fans industry for more than 20 years. Thanks to our engineers’ expertise and knowledge, our wide range of DC and AC cooling fans offer longevity, silent operation, reliable performance, and more, enabling our cooling fans to work for multiple applications, and we have been constantly research improving the products to match the requirements and expectations of our customers.

Customized Services

To be the most reliable manufacturer of axial cooling fans and centrifugal fan blowers, we also provide specialized services. These tailored services include cooling fan OEM and ODM, drop shipping, custom packaging, private labeling, logistics, customs clearance, and so on. Our customer care and technical support team is the most responsive one you could ever find. 

Short Delivery

We carry out sampling in 7 days, and we complete mass production in just 20 days. Moreover, we’d choose the most cost-effective yet fast shipping options for you to ensure you receive the cooling fans fast, it could take as fast as 3 days

Proactive Sales

We work closely with customers to meet their every need. After understanding their specific application for the fan, we go on to resolve their problem and we are proactive in offering suggestions. Moreover, we provide the most unparalleled after sale service to make sure that our customers are the happiest.

High Quality Standards

Our team designs and develops cooling fans with the latest technique that meets the ISO standards and more. We also carry out inspections to verify that each fan complies with our customer’s requirements and also meets our company’s high standard of quality control. We carry out these inspections in every production phase to ensure that the final product has high-performance qualities.

Our partners

We aim to satisfy every client by offering adequate and immediate technical and sales support.

Today, Shenzhen Minxin Industrial Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of DC cooling fans and blowers, offering products that have garnered praise from customers worldwide. Our commitment to research and development, coupled with a customer-centric focus and attention to detail, have earned us a respected reputation in the industry, some of our famous customers include:

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